06 June 2011

Football Fever

One of the best things about Paco is that he isn't a sports geek. I don't have to live through hell when it's NBA season or the World Cup or the exhilleryawning Masters Tournament. Even better, he doesn't have his friends coming over at ridiculous hours day and night to watch games, matches, semifinal and finals. He couldn't care less about balls going in holes, nets or goals. He is more interested in uprisings in the middle east, what the latest art exhibits are and finding the best digital filling and back up system for his kick ass but big ass image bank. Yes, he is that kind of a geek.  See guys, just because God gave me Aiden doesn't mean I'm doomed with bad karma!!! 

Then in comes Gael, a natural athlete. A little boy born with muscles as my cousin-in-law Marco likes to say. He could run and dribble a football as soon as he could walk. But its not just football classes, winning tournaments and collecting medals. He's got the football fever and he's even mapped out his football career.  Makati Football School - Azkals - Football Club Barcelona.  But he isn't in it alone, he has his cousins in the front seat on this insane ride. He lives it, he dreams it and sleeps to it. Yes, he literally sleeps to it. Bedtime stories are from his Football Philippines Magazine.  One night it's the Younghousbands article, last night was Azkals Make Us Proud.  He is so inspired and believes that one day he can play with Messi and score goals against Iker Casillas.  I don't have the heart to tell him that football usually means early retirement.

You might be thinking that I just totally negated my good karma, you know the one overshadowed by the little devil. NO WAY! I'm the first one to be at his practise, watch his tournaments in the scorching heat or pouring rain, I invite friends and family to his games. Hell, I even bought folding chairs with roofs!  ROOFS!  Unabashedly, I'm loving this whole soccer mom gig. With roofed chairs in tow, I totally rock it.  I buy him the jerseys, he can You Tube anytime as long as its about football, I even let him watch a game a 2:30 in the morning (the not waking up was not my fault). He and his cousins can bore me with football anytime and I will still feed the fever.