21 June 2011

The Happy Little Dude

You might have assumed that Aiden can be a royal pain in the ass.  Well you are unmistakably right in that assumption.  Today was one of those days that he was driving me absolutely nuts by doing everything he isn't supposed to.  If there is one thing I cannot tolerate with the earthlings is rudeness and disrespect.  That is one battle I always pick.  When he was being rude to his yaya (nanny) for what felt like the hundredth time this morning and when I told him off for what felt like the millionth time in in four hours since we woke up, he totally lost it.  He broke out in a sweat, yelled, stomped his feet, boxed the air and shook in anger.

Aiden:  Mama, I don't love you anymore!  In tears and screaming his head off.

Me:  It's OK, I still love you anyway.

Aiden:  Thanks, Mama! 

And just like that he gave me a big smile, hugged me and happily walked away.  The little devil was suddenly the happy little dude.  That deserves a  forehead palm slap moment.  After the too long for a 4 year old spiels I was giving, that was all he needed to hear.  Sometimes you think you got this mothering thing down pat, then your little child in an attempt to run over to you steps over some crackers that he threw on the floor earlier, knocks down a one of a kind flea market find vase along the way, touches your immaculate walls with his chocolate and saliva stained hands and pulls the rug out from under you.