28 June 2011

The Joy of Boys 5

This particular Joy of Boys is not universal.  No.  I've checked, not all boys do it but mine do.  I guess I'm just lucky that way.  They used to like teasing each other, shoving each other and sneaking in a kick or pinch when I'm not looking.  Now it's turned into a full on wresting match.  They pounce on each other, pin each other down and lock each others' heads in a Hulk Hogan grip.  When they're really into it props are in order.  Pillows to squish, 'nets' to trap, light sabers to use the force, capes to make them fly and the occasional angry penguin when all else fails.  Come and get me, they taunt each other.  But one of them usually ends up in tears.

My hippie mantra of non violence was thrown out of the wresting ring and now it's every little boy to himself.  I have a new rule, if you insist on playing the ridiculous game, then don't complain when you get hurt.  Wanna play rough, then you might was well have the balls for it.

I can only cross my fingers and hope this isn't a sign of future Jackasses in the making.