29 July 2011

Angry Birds Cake

The entire Guerrero house has gone Angry Birds crazy.  Everyone expect Paco which is ironic because he is the only one with an iPhone and an iPad.  But that doesn't stop any of us from bugging the hell out of him and fighting over who gets to play first, second or third.  I've already confessed my addiction here and maybe I've sparked the madness in them, but they certainly have taken it to the next level.  They cuddle with the dolls, they build and destroy Jenga pig castles, they honor them with Angry Bird paintings.  I showed them the video of the T Mobile Angry Birds Live ad on You Tube and they not only loved it but discovered a whole world of Angry Birds inspired cartoons and videos out there.  This particular home video has caught Aiden's attention.

After watching it tens of thousands of times Aiden decrees that we're going to make the same cake ourselves.  He assumes we can walk into the kitchen and casually whip up this well engineered and constructed masterpiece.  Sweetheart, I'm flattered you think that I have the Ace of Cakes skills but you must be friggin kidding me.  We've had lots of whining and tears, sadness and frustration because of my failure to reproduce this cake.  No matter how many times I tell him I don't know how to make a cake like this one he still asks and begs and pleads.  One day I had a revelation, I needed to approach the issue differently.  Next time Aiden bugged me to me make the cake I tell him "You know, in the video it's the daddy that makes the cake.  Maybe you should ask Daddy if he can make it for you."

His face lit up and he was obviously thinking that I was totally right.  As soon as Paco came home Aiden went on full on nag mode.  Every chance he gets he asks, begs and pleads for Paco to please, please, please make him the Angry Birds Cake.  Paco recently came home from an out of town trip and was greeted by a letter from Aiden requesting for the cake yet again.  Smart guy, he put it down in writing  as proof.  He'll probably keep it in file so he can say I told you so or sue us in the future for breech of parental baking obligations.

Just this morning he was at it again at breakfast.

Aiden:  Daddy, can you make me the Angry Birds cake.

Paco:  I'll think about how to do it, OK Aiden?

Aiden:  OK, you think about it.

Paco:  I am thinking about it.

Aiden:  Think harder Daddy.