25 July 2011

Determination Is a Good Thing, Right?

Last week I made last minute plans to do the Viaje del Sol.  The highlight of the trip being a lunch on a bamboo raft on Lake Pandin which I thought the boys would love.  Excited, I informed the earthlings that we were going out of town and take a ride and possibly swim in a lake.  Aiden's face lit up and spent the rest of his waking hours telling me and Paco that he wanted to go to the lake and go fishing.  Every single time he made eye contact he seized the opportunity to say he wanted to go fishing on the lake.  HE WANTED TO GO FISHING ON THE LAKE NOW!  There was nothing else on his mind but lake and fishing for the next 36 hours.  I don't know where he got the idea that the trip to the lake involved fishing but he wouldn't take any opposition from anyone.  I spent the rest of my waking time evading the issue.  I want to go fishing now.  So what toys do you want to bring on the trip?  I want to go to the lake now.  What snacks do you want for the car ride?

Finally we get to the lake, put on our life vests and  set off to explore it.  Right smack in the middle of the lake he then reminds us that it is time for him to go fishing.  No one else was fishing at the lake, not even the locals and I attempt to break it to him gently.  He didn't care if no one else was fishing HE wanted to go fishing.  After endless nagging Paco asks the manangs who were in charge of the lake tours if they had any fishing rods the earthlings could use.  Well why didn't you tell us sooner is the response we get.  The head rower yells to someone in washing clothes at a house at one end of the lake who then gives instructions to a teenager who proceeds runs to the 'dock' part of the lake.  Within ten minutes a man comes rowing towards us and hands over some thin bamboo rods.  Fishing rods! Aiden was right all along, he was going fishing on the lake.  Two entire minutes of fishing.  Yes, you read that right.  Two friggin minutes.

With fishing finally ticked off the bucket list we jumped in and the earthlings had the time of their lives swimming or perhaps bobbing on the lake in the life vests is more appropriate.  As soon as we are done with Lake Pandin, the minute we step off the raft Aiden holds my hand, turns to me, smiles and says I want to go to the beach.  On the fifteen minute walk back to the car he says it every five seconds just in case I didn't hear him the other one hundred and twenty times.  He wants to go to the beach!  Didn't you enjoy the lake, I ask him.  I did but I like the beach better, he smugly tells me without batting an eyelash.  We are actually going to the beach in a couple of weeks but that isn't soon enough for him.  At the bed and breakfast, at lunch, at dinner, at bedtime, all throughout the next day, any idle moment is spent telling anyone in his line of vision HE WANTS TO GO TO THE BEACH NOW!