19 July 2011

Guess What I Got?

One of the great things about blogging is that I get to meet the funniest and coolest mombloggers around.  Not only do I get to know them through their blogs but I've actually met them in person.  After following somebody's blog regularly and interacting via comments and tweets, meeting them in person is so easy.  No shitty uncomfortable silences.  Last weekend I got together with some mombloggers and I came home with the the most timely present ever from Kris of OC Mom In Manila - a Steripod.  It is something like a sterilizer disguised a toothbrush cover.  Obviously this post about Aiden and my toothbrush must have made Kris run to the bathroom projectile barfing and douse herself in mouthwash and ethyl alcohol.  Now if only she could give me a Steripod the size of a little boy that I could keep by the front door for disinfection from an afternoon of running, rolling and sweating in the streets and park.  Thank you Kris for letting me brush my teeth again without fear.