14 August 2011

The Box

My mom sent me this box this week.  It's terrifying.  It has a little teddy bear from my childhood, the earthlings who weren't too thrilled about an old stinky bear when I passed it over to them.  A whole bunch of letter I received in the time when lovely hand written letters were the norm.  Tons of blackmail worthy stuff for my now married and settled friends with.  Birthday cards from friends I forgot I ever received.  Pictures of me in various scary looks I had - braces and puffy spray netted hair, full beauty queen mode when I once joined the Manila Hotel santacruzan,  clunky rave shoes my dad used to call ugly.  Too many 80s and 90s style invitations to school fairs, high school dances and parties that I once thought were so cool.  I found my most prized possessions of my youth - Faces and Euphoria cards.  They were next to a second year high school report card where Christian Education was already not my strong point. Lots of scary shit in there.