12 August 2011

Reading Rocks!

Gael is starting to read and I feel like Einstein's mother.  Yes I know many kids his age were reading way before him but frankly they aren't my kids so I didn't give a rat's ass about what they could or couldn't read.  He does three-letter words and not too complicated longer ones.  He still has some issues with certain letters and letter combinations but it's a good start.  The way his eyes lit up when he read his first sentence is something quite unforgettable.  He look at me and I knew he was thinking I can do it!  I'm fucking reading!

I knew that is what he was thinking because I was thinking the exact same thing.  He can do it!  He is fucking reading.  Literacy rocks more than Mick Jagger.  My family is probably sick and tired of me yakking on about how he has began reading and I probably applaud way too loud with every successful word read.  But I'm not apologizing for brimming with pride for a job well done by one of my earthlings.

He isn't reading himself bedtime stories but this still is something ground breaking.  The gift of reading.  Something we tend to take for granted when we grow up, something we don't fully appreciate as much as we should.  It opens up a whole new world to him.  I remember the first word I ever read.  TO-YO-TA.  It was on some billboard along EDSA.  As soon as I pulled it together and realized that I had just read the make of the most popular car in the world I totally thought I was the shizz.  The triumph that swelled inside me was monumental and I couldn't wait to read more and more and more.

Now that he has moved on to the reading rung of his young life I have consequently moved on to the school boy mothering rung.  We rushed off to the bookstore to get him a few level 1 reading books, I set aside 5-10 minutes in the evenings to practice reading and I oblige him to do it whether he is in the mood or not.  GASP!  So there is a rigid side to me after all.  This must be life's way of training me for a life of homework and school projects.  In all fairness to my new found strictness, he does the happy dance when he actually gets the reading done.

Yes Gael, you totally are the shizz!