22 August 2011

World Cup 6th Birthday

Gael turned 6 last week and we managed to have a party that wasn't ridiculously more lavish than my wedding.  Just a little bit more.  More guests, more food and hey there were actually invites and a cake! 

Figuring out sizing, margins and paper size for the printing of invites, loot bag stuff, little flags for the tables drove me nuts.  Trust me I would have had the store bought kind if only I found a football theme.

I served lots of candy so the kids would like me. 

Guests came in their team's jerseys and we played football tweaked party games.  Pin the ball in the goal was a hit. I shouldn't have bothered with other games, they could have done it all afternoon.

My dad's sister came with a vuvuzela.  Now that has to be the most annoying sound ever.  When you manage to toot the damn thing.

I didn't want to torture myself and cook the food so had Kusina Ni Maria to cater.  Great service and not expensive at all.  They even set the tables up in the colors of the Philippine and Spanish teams.  Gael was beyond thrilled.

The yummiest, chewiest chocolate flag cookies of Gael's favorite teams.  They were so good you must try them, they are from Kraze Kitch Bakeshop.

This is the first party we have with more than ten kids and kids other than cousins.  Next party isn't for at least another six years.