28 September 2011

Double Double Toil And Trouble

Having two boys twenty months apart is a total kick in the pants.  It is absolutely awesome and ridiculously crazy at the same time.  Aside from all the memorable Hallmark moments, the hugs, the kisses, there are tantrums, whines, yelling, time outs, hitting, biting and brawls.  From the boys and from me.  The old cliche there is never is a dull moment would be most appropriate right now.  Let me just tell you how delightful having two little earthlings is.

Up until Gael was two I spent a great deal of my time changing diapers.  I no longer spent my evenings researching the latest season's color trends but finding the most efficient home diaper disposal system.  It's sucks having to change so many diapers at home and a total buzz kill when you have to change two poop diapers somewhere public like a restaurant with a minuscule restroom and no changing table.  Toilet training was bliss compared to this.

Then there were the bottles.  Both boys drank from a bottle until they were four.  Yes, that's right FOUR years old.  I was on the bottle till I was six so if you're going to diss me about letting them be on the bottle for so long you'll have to go through my mama first.  The bottles weren't so bad when I lived in Spain and I just threw them in the dishwasher with everything else, hand washing them in the Philippines or on trips was a major hassle.  Not only that they each had different bottles and nipples so I wouldn't get confused whose what which and which was whose.  Packing that in the diaper bag required the skill of a master Tetris player.

For three and half years I was either pushing a stroller or wearing a baby every single day.  Sometimes both.  I went everywhere on foot - daycare, grocery, market, park, emergency room -  with the earthlings in tow.  For those of you in the Philippines, this obviously was not in our sidewalk-less country with no ramps for strollers.  It was actually a good thing.  It got my ass moving, I was in better shape and I felt free.  Having to take the car to get anywhere sucks.  I have had 2 single strollers, 2 double strollers, a baby carrier, a ring sling, a pouch and a mei tai.  In case you were wondering I did use every single one of them more than enough times to make it worth the purchase.

More than the diapers, the bottles, the pacifiers, the sleep training and all that jazz the fun was really in the hellish "phases" children love to torture all parents with.  Life is somewhat fair though, they don't go through them together.  When one is a complete pain in the ass the other one is angel.  Or at least looks like an angel in comparison.    My personal favorite is the tantrums.  I am reminded there is a God when only one of them has a fit of fury, throws himself on the floor and turns his body into jelly.  We get out of the house quicker when one eagerly dresses himself while I chase the other one and practically pin him to the floor to get his shirt on.  Grocery shopping with a fussy baby isn't so bad when your toddler loves to push the little cart.  When only one of them has to go for a time out or into the war room it helps maintain my sanity.  There must be some sibling pact of tag teaming when the going gets tough. 

I certainly cannot wait for the day they become hormone induced, girl crazed, party going, alcohol drinking, club hopping, car driving teenagers together.  I'll do a follow up post when I get there.