07 September 2011

It's In My Kiss

I should never have opened my big mouth.  As soon as I gloated that Paco is no longer allowed to give Aiden lots of kisses but I am, I jinx myself.  For someone that believes the infallible laws of jinxing things, I should have simply shut up.    When Gael was three months old he had his first night of 12 hours sleep, I was so excited I announced it to the whole world and their neighbors.  The next time he slept through the night was a whole other grueling three months after.  The jinx is a powerful thing. 

Aiden must have thought I was getting too complacent in the mothering department and he decides to ruffle my feathers a bit.  The little devil wants to keep me on my toes.  Eyes on the ball at all times.  No timeouts for this mama.  There is a new rule regarding MY kisses.

Aiden: Are you wearing lipstick? Don't kiss me if you're wearing lipstick.

Me:  I'm not!  My lips are naturally pinkish.

Aiden:  No they're not.  I can see the lipstick.