06 September 2011


Gael is a Beleiber.  Yes, you read that right a Befuckinglieber.  At first it was moderately cute and incredibly funny.  Imitating the signature hair don't do apparently was just the tip of the Beiberberg.  We have had drama over the hair and the proper way to do the Beiber hair flip.  Enduring the 3D movie simply wasn't enough to shake it off.  He has got the Beiber fever full on.  He has asked, begged and pleaded for his songs on our iPods.  I am closer to 40 than 30, that is way too old for crap pop music.  If you have any good excuses for not downloading his album help me out here.  Please.  Cartoons are no longer his top YouTube searches, if he isn't looking for the World Cup best goals it's the official Justin Beiber videos.

I remember when I was a die hard Duran Duran fan I listened to them on records and my Walkman.  To repeat Wild Boys I had to remove the cassette tape from the Walkman and rewind it by twirling the tape on a pen so my batteries would last.  To catch the new View to A Kill video where Simon Le Bon delivers that killer ending line "Bon, Simon Le Bon" I had to wait for the single hour of MTV that would air here.  Now everything is a click away.  Feeding the fever more than it should.  I wonder if I would have begged for a Madonna perm if the Internet existed then.  Shudder!              

Gael, I can only hope that you read this in a decade and cringe with shame.  It's payback time, honey.  Payback for all the time I consumed listing and watching Justin Beiber with you.