20 October 2011


A few months ago Aiden suddenly became scared of stuff.  I have to say that he was never exactly what one would describe as a fearless child so I am not that surprised.  His big thing now is he is scared of the dark.  Talk about cliche.  But not only is it so typical to be frightened of the dark, the dark is absolutely inevitable.  It is even worse in a tropical country like the Philippines where the sun rises before 6 am and sets around 6 pm.  That's 12 friggin' hours of night, 12 friggin' hours of dark.

He could have picked a fear of rarer things that you don't encounter often like tarantulas or riding boats or thunder.  But no it had to be the dark which only is a daily occurrence.   To be more precise it is half of every single day.  As soon as night falls Aiden will make sure he is never alone.  He will not go into another room unaccompanied for a single second.  He can not even go pee on his own.

Obviously I realize that Aiden is not the first child to fear the dark.  It is probably more like he is one of the millions.  Even if I am not quite shocked by it I have no idea where it comes from.  We don't say stupid things that will induce fear.  Those ridiculous things that too many grown ups like to tell children.   Things like don't go there there is a  mumu (ghost)  or the pulis (police) will come get you if you are a bad boy.  Never do we make any reference to anything being creepy or imaginary monsters and creatures. 

I don't exactly know what it is he fears of the dark.  I suppose more than anything else it is his imagination that daunts him. But like any good mother I will call it a phase and cross my fingers that it doesn't last too long.  That and be thankful we don't live in Scandinavia where they have 24 -hour long polar nights.