11 October 2011

I Cannot Believe We Have Vacation Pictures!

For the boys' term break we took a short trip to Hong Kong.  Their first time and mine.  It was so much fun that Gael burst into tears when he woke up on our last day.  He didn't want to go home just yet.  If only I didn't have to be mature one I would have cried too.  I wanted to eat as much dimsum as I could and shop till my feet hurt at H&M. 

One of the highlights of the trip is that Paco actually took pictures.  OF US!  I know what you're thinking but just because I am married to a photographer doesn't mean we have pile upon pile of gorgeous pictures.  Especially not the vacationy and touristy type.  It's quite the opposite actually.  To celebrate this triumph in his fathering earthlings skills I decided to show off his new talent as vacation photographer.