29 October 2011

I Should've Named Him Contra

Aiden seems to enjoy being a villainous contrabida.  Whatever is happening, he wants to go the opposite direction.  Going with the the flow does not sit well with him.  He wants things to go exactly as he has planned them in his head or he will make known to all present that he is not happy camper.  If events don't revolve around a zoo or an aquarium, he is not interested.  No.  Wait.  Even if you do take him to the zoo and die of the heat while you are there he will still shoot you a ho-hum I think I'm going to yawn look and give you hell when it's time to go.  It doesn't matter how much effort, Googling and organizing it took me to plan a single afternoon's activity, I always seem to fall short.  If I could work out a day where we have marshmallows for breakfast, fly off to Antarctica to meet his beloved penguins, fly back for a red hot spaghetti lunch, do a Word World marathon in the afternoon, banana splits for merienda (snack) and more marshmallows for dinner, I would still fall short.

I know I should be the mature and understanding person in this relationship but I simply cannot NOT take it personally.  Particularly those times he announces that his favorite part of the day was when we left, when the movie was over, when it was time to go home from school, when the party ended, when dancers were not dancing at a ballet, when the singers were not singing at a musical, when people weren't talking to him.  And he smugly says it all with a killer deadpan face.

Contraband.  Contradict.  Contrary.  Contrast.  Contraceptive.  Any would of these are highly appropriate and perfect adjectives to describe the out of the box extreme mind of this little devil.