25 October 2011

The Naughty List

I think I am slowly screwing up Christmas for the earthlings.  Christmas was never really a big deal for me.  The thrill of putting up the Christmas tree died around the time I discovered the joy of making telebabad.  More than singing carols and decorating the house I'm into the dinners and the drinks.  We tend to overdo the holiday brouhaha in the Philippines and it makes me feel the the bah humbug spirit more than the spirit of giving.  I was more a New Year's Eve sort of person.  My dad's large extended family used to throw the most fun New Year's Eve party in Baguio every year and everyone had a blast - children, teenagers, parents and grandparents.  But since the earthlings invaded my world partying all night, even New Year's Eve, just doesn't sound like any fun at all.

Yesterday I already told you about our first Santa and wish list conversation.  Before that I made the huge mistake of talking to grown ups about Santa's naughty list thinking Aiden wasn't listening.  Of course he was listing, right?  They are ALWAYS listening.  Like that time I was in the car with Gael and my friend, Maricris, on our way to a football game.  She was telling me about a friend of hers that miscarried in her third trimester and how traumatic having to deliver the dead baby was.  Gael was busy playing with my phone so how was I supposed to know he was listening and was going to announce to his twin cousins and their entire family that I had a friend whose baby died inside the tummy and it had to come out of her vagina.

Now back to my Grinchy tale.

Gael is a sweet boy but he is also the incredible hulk of the family.  Because of his temper and bursts or rage he has broken a three month old TV, one of the cable digibox remotes and Paco's old iPhone which they were using to play games.  All three incidents this year alone.  I had been thinking of the most appropriate way to deal with this.  I need a punishment that will bear enough weight for him to remember.  Something serious enough to shake him up a bit.  Then one afternoon it came to me like a flash of a light bulb in The Polar Express movie.  Gael will be on Santa's naughty list this year.  He will not get any present, just carbon/charcoal/uling.  Granted it may be a mean thing to do, but you have to agree that it is a great idea.  All I have to do is pray for the strength to push through with it.  Or the will no not overcompensate with my own present to him.

Over one Sunday lunch I was telling my brother and cousins of my wonderful Scroogey plan.  Little did I know that Aiden who was busily eating carrot cake was also busily soaking in all the juicy bits.  On our way home from lunch Aiden quickly announces "I don't think Gael will be getting any Christmas presents this year because he is NAUGHTY!".  WTF!  You must be kidding me!  But if he thinks he can out snide remark me he surely is mistaken.  Before Gael could turn green and rip his shirt to threads I quickly retorted, "Well, what makes you think you're not on the naughty list?"

And that shut him up.  And kept Gael as Lou Ferrigno the scientist.  For a little bit at least.