04 October 2011

Our School Rocks!

Last term Gael was learning about the Keys community for his social studies class.  They did a lot of stuff like interview members of the community, toured the school and met the older kids, talk to the architect of the school, make a blue print and build their improved version of the campus.  At their culminating activity for the class each child spoke a little about the improvements they envisioned for Keys.  Aside from putting in an elevator, going up ten more floors and planting roses in a garden Gael mentioned something that made me feel like the mother of year.  He said, "There will be classrooms for kids to learn and to have fun because here in Keys, there is a lot of fun stuff to do."

Having gone to your typical traditional Catholic school where we were about 45 kids to a class and it seemed everyone at the school was quick to reprimand kids.  They didn't really give a flying fuck if we actually learned anything from them, at the end of the term all they saw was a pass or a fail.  Job done.  Most of the teachers never bothered to figure out why anyone failed.  If they ever feared so many bad grades was a bad reflection on their capabilities as a teacher they never showed it.

That sort of school was exactly what I DIDN'T want for the earthlings.  I remember when my brother was Gael's age he hated school.  He had to be forced to go to school every single day.  He went to school crying, kicking and screaming since he was in Nursery.  Gael on the other hand loves school, he adores his teachers, he can strike up a casual conversation with the school directress and he is a happy little camper of the Keys community.  Every morning he can't wait to get to school, have a class "job" for the day, hang out and learn something new.  The best part of it all is he has a lot of fun along the way.  Now isn't that the best way to learn?

Sure you can try and defend your traditional schools, no doubt there is something positive to say about them.  (Such as the huge campus with lots of nooks and crannies where high school kids can hide out and smoke a few cigarettes?).  But you cannot deny it, most of the time I hear you traditional school moms complaining about the amount of crazy homework and memorization your kids have to do.  Or was it the crazy amount of homework and memorization you have to do for them?