23 October 2011

Reality Check

The earthlings know that Christmas is coming up.  With Christmas carols prematurely blasting at the malls and  Christmas street lights up way too early, how can they not.  So they have been announcing what exactly they want from Santa.  Every week they think of something new they want and the list just gets longer and longer.

Me:  You know I don't need so many things for Christmas.  All I want from Santa is for you two to be nice to each other and stop fighting.

Gael and Aiden:  That's all?

Me:  Yup, that's it.

Gael:  Well I want Santa to make you the best mama in the world.

Me:  You mean I'm not the best?

Gael:  No, you shout at us.

A perfect example of how using the Santa card totally backfires and you totally deserve it.