28 November 2011

Brag Book Giveaway!

We are all beyond proud of our earthlings. We love their individuality, their unique style and the sometimes out of this world fashion statements they make. An earthling can always over accessorize, never mismatches and gets away with the funkiest combinations. 


Mom Exchange and Mothering Earthlings are giving you the opportunity to brag just how unique your little ones are right along with us. Not only can you shamelessly brag about your earthlings, we’ll reward you for it.

All you have to do is log in Mom Exchange and upload your pictures.  You can find detailed instructions here.

The most out of this world earthlings wins a T-Shirts from Googoo & Gaga and In the Crib, Proud Mama Funky Tubes and a tub of Indigo Baby Sun Is Shinning.