14 November 2011


While I was getting dressed the other day the earthlings were hanging around bugging the hell out of me.  They poked around, made Angry Birds slingshots with my bras, brushed their hair with my blush brush, ran races in my heels, synchronized booger picking in front of the mirror.  You know the usual lets make mama so crazy she'll bribe us with ice cream in front of the TV to leave her alone moment.  So crazy I got and bribing I went.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  Between the bra slings and the boogers something in my closet caught Gael's eye.  A beaded, elastic belt with a wooden buckle that my mom got me.  I have three of them but the bronze one was the one he pulled out.  WOW!  Mama, what is this? Where did you get it?  He was a tad disappointed it wasn't a pirate's treasure I found buried on a deserted island but that didn't stop him from examining it.  He took it with him around for the rest of the afternoon figuring out the seemingly strange contraption.

The next morning he was still holding on to the shimmy accessory.  He took it down to breakfast, he refused to let Aiden touch it, he laid it next to him on the desk while he did his homework, it was his sidekick for the rest of the morning.  Close to lunch he runs up to me with a light bulb over his head and the biggest smile.  He asks if he can have the belt.  Sure! Heck if my son is confident and secure enough to wear a beaded belt then he deserves it.  Still I couldn't help but asking what exactly he would do with it.  I'm going to give to my wife when I grow up.