04 November 2011

The Joy of Boys 7

These days nothing amuses the earthlings more than something STINKY.  I am not sure if it is their age or the mere fact that they belong to male species that induces this 1990s Jim Carrey sort of humor.  They kick off their shoes, smell their socks and scrunch up their noses.  This is the prelude to ripping off their socks, smelling their toes and announcing that they have stinky socks and even stinkier feet.  Too much information even for me, their mother. 

Let me remind you that I have to live with these boys eating their boogers and never lifting the toilet seat.  Blocking out the disgusting can come pretty easy to me but I have to draw the line somewhere.  Apparently smelling their socks and feet isn't bad enough, they want me to smell them as well.  There is no way in hell I am taking part of the grossfest that is smelling feet and socks.  Why not join in on the fun, is what they must be thinking.  Do you want me to barf on your feet, is what I should be asking them.  It doesn't even matter if they have smelly feet or not, if you aren't a little baby I do not want to smell your feet.  And waving your socks at my face will just put you on my shit list for ruining my day.  So don't even try it, just throw the damn socks in the hamper.

To make things worse their friends think it's hilarious.  Not only do they laugh their asses off they actually take a whiff of the frigging socks.  Just when I thought they couldn't possibly get any grosser, they actually up the nasty factor even more.