06 December 2011


The earthlings are into things that are fancy.  Or at least what is considered fancy in their 6 and 4 year old worlds.  Yes, they live in separate worlds these two.  I have no idea where they get it because if you see my family and home we are anything but fancy.  Weird and strange for sure, but fancy never.  Wherever we go, whatever we do, the event is assessed based on levels of fanciness.  Something certified fancy is the equivalent of a quadruple thumbs up.

We love to eat out and they are thrilled when we are in a fancy restaurant.  They get that kilig smirk and they swell with the feeling of being mature enough to set foot in such a fancy establishment.  Restaurants that made it to their shortlist are Bizu, Cafe Ysabel, M Cafe and any restaurant in Edsa Shangri-la.  Ironically their favorite places like CPK and Sumo Sam are not on the fancy list.  A restaurant that serves water is stemmed glasses gets plus points for letting them use fancy glasses.  Bread is another fancy indicator.  The usually dinner rolls are yummy but braided bread sticks are definitely fancy

Dressing up or down is also subject to the fancy meter.  They are used to seeing me in ratty shorts and dresses but if I wear a maxi dress, max skirt or a silky top, I definitely enter the fancy zone.  Rompers and harem pants not only are a fail in fancyland but they always get the "why are you wearing those pants?" reaction.  When they see me getting dressed, they take a look at what I am going to wear and if they like what they see they ask me if they should wear their  fancy clothes.  Their fancy wardrobe consists of three crisp button-front shirts.  One of them is actually a floral Hawaiian beach shirt but since it is not a T-shirt it's fancy enough.

Even words have various degrees of fancy.  Fancy words are mostly sourced through foreign cartoons found on You Tube, especially those with English or French accents.  Aiden discovered that supper is the  fancy way of saying dinner and trousers is a fancy term for pants.  The fanciest of fancy words is too fancy for me to ever use but apparently not too fancy for Aiden.  According to him the fancy word for good is glorious.