Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mr. Out Of The Box Steps Into The Box


  1. Those big brown boxes are THE BEST TOYS!!! they can spend hours in there playing and hiding and pushing and pulling...endless possibilities. And we can have our "me time" while they're in there! :)))

  2. I agree! We used to "camp" in those boxes. My favorite was the big one from the fridge my mom bought in HK; we camped out in the living room for a week when she made us a tent out of it. So much fun!

    Here's a great article about no-cost gifts that kids love: http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2011/01/the-5-best-toys-of-all-time/ :)

  3. hi Rone! :) i mentioned that i'm a fan of your blog during the Zebras' Rice culmi-day and i thought i'd end my stalker status by commenting. haha! :)

    A and i had an "i-hate-you-i-don't-want-you-to-be-my-library-teacher" moment a couple of weeks back but we're good now. kinilig ako actually. i figured, he knows me na to "hate" me, hahaha! :)

    keep 'em posts coming! :)

  4. Hi Teacher Jojie! Thanks for reading. So now do i have to behave that teachers are reading the blog? Hahaha.

    Yes when Aiden says he 'hates' someone he just wants more attention but it's not that easy decipher. He is a bookworm though and I know library is his favorite special class.

  5. haha! hindi naman; i love how you blog! :) how else could i have known that the best response to A's "i hate you" is "it's ok, i still love you! i'll see you next library day!"? that's straight from The Rone Playbook! :)