11 January 2012


A cousin of mine had his first baby last month.  I can only assume that Gael was all excited about the thought of a new cousin when he asked me in the car last week "So did the baby come out of Tita Hannah's vagina?".  So far that is the only part of where babies are made that Gael's gotten to.  Questions about sex always revolve around how you get the baby out.  You can read more of our fun sex education talks here and here.

That would have been the end of that conversion had Gael actually said vagina.  What he really said was bagina.  It was more like BUH-gina.  Being the daughter of an English Literature teacher there is no way I could let that slide.  It's bad enough that he goes around telling his friends that babies come out of their mom's vagina's but it's absolutely horrible that he would say something along the lines "Hey, did you know that you came out of your moms bugina?".  So the rest of the car ride went something like this.

ME:  Gael, it's pronounced vagina.

GAEL: Bugina.

ME:  No.  Not BUH-gina.  VUH-gina.

GAEL:  BUH-gina.

ME:  VUH-gina, sweetie, VUH-gina.

GAEL:  That's what I said.

ME:  No, you said BUH-gina.  It's VUH-gina.


ME:  You got it!  Good job.

Paco in the meantime is driving and giving me a WTF look, shaking his head and all.