30 March 2012

Fathering Earthlings: Raising a Mini Me

When Aiden was born Paco got really busy with work and was traveling so much the earthlings thought he worked at the airport (they did for a very long time).  He was our lucky charm.  Unfortunately this also mean that Aiden wasn't too fond of Paco for the first three years of his life.  I know it is a terrible thing for me to say out loud, but wait I'm saving the best for last.  Now Aiden is absolutely crazy about his daddy.  He is all daddy this and daddy that these days.  Daddy where are you?  Daddy I'm home!  Daddy I want pancakes for breakfast.  Paco is swooning as you can imagine.  He was thrilled when Aiden asked to borrow a shirt of his, put it on and said he was just like daddy.  Aiden is 100% Guerrero, inside and out, so it just had to be.

Hey Paco, now you see that you don't need a little girl to be loved?

P.S. Yes, I know my phone photo sucks!