07 March 2012

Girl Crazy

One morning Aiden woke up, jumped out of bed and decided he liked girls.  No he decided he LOVED girls.  Suddenly girls were pretty, girls were fun, girls were his friends, girls had the best books, girls had yummy snacks, girls shared their toys, girls were cool, girls ruled the world.  For years he was absolutely smitten with my cousin in law, Hannah.  He stuck to her like a leech and called her husband (my cousin and Aiden's uncle) THAT guy.  He only went to big family lunches because she would be there, he counted down days to out of town trips with extended family, he froze if he saw her somewhere unexpected.  Infatuated doesn't even begin to describe it.  When he had a root canal a year and a half ago the first thing he said in his anesthesia drugged state after the procedure was "Is that Tita Hannah's house?"

See the stalker glint he has in his eyes with Hannah around?

Now he has eyes for other girls and he is on the look out for someone to marry.  First he tried his luck with me and declared he was going to marry me.  Unfortunately, I told him, I was already married to Daddy.  Then he told his yaya he was going to marry her but she said she was too old for him.  Unfazed he was determined to find someone to marry.  This time he was smart enough to realize he needed to look for someone closer in age.

Not only did he find her but he got to the point and has already asked for her hand in marriage.  The new love of his life is a classmate and he hasn't stopped talking about her for months.  For her birthday he wanted me to get her the BEST gift and her birthday party was the only party he has ever wanted to attend.  He wanted to make chocolate chip cookies and give them to her the next day.  He wants to hold her hand during story time.  Oh the drama! But having found a future wife apparently isn't good enough.  Heaven help me!  No it doesn't end there, he has also found joy in chasing his girl classmates and trying to kiss them.  He tries whenever he can and seems to enjoy hearing them squeal in irritation which he probably mistakes as excitement. Great he want from creepy stalker to creepy boy who thinks he is God's gift to womankind.

For now the moms of the girls laugh and think it's cute and funny.  Note to self:  Do NOT under any circumstances give your phone number out to other moms.  Give Paco's number.