23 April 2012

Fathering Earthlings: Breaking The Rules

In the Guerrero household I am the rule breaker and Paco is Mr. Goody Two Shoes.  Yes, folks you read that right.  It may surprise you that he is on the conventional side of the fence.  Well as conventional as a tattooed person can get.  I myself was caught by surprise.  When we first met it was a blur of messy decadence, wining and dining, a slew of scotch on the rocks, late nights at Industria and dancing till dawn at Mars.  Then we lived together and he became a total housewife.  I was fooled! I thought I shacked up with a temperamental party animal but instead I got a man whose side my mom will always take when we argue.  Or even if we don't argue, my mom is simply on his side.  Now this isn't what I am complaining about, on the contrary this is the good bit.

Last week Paco did the unthinkable and let Gael sit in the passenger seat of the car.   They did come from somewhere close by, but still.  Without a car seat AND in the front passenger seat.  What was he thinking? Is this some bizarre midlife crisis? Did his daily 4 cups of coffee in the morning finally damage his brain? Although I have to admit we have gone without car seats in those typical Filipino times of having too many people in the car, I am a staunch believer of the car seat for children.  It's bad enough I have let them go without it a few times too many, but to have 6 year old Gael sit in the passenger seat is way too much rule breaking.  Even for me.

But you know what was the worst part? Yes let's make the most of this post, shall we? Maybe my mom will finally take my side on this one.  Paco didn't even tell me about it.  Gael came running to me to brag that Daddy let him sit up front.  Without a car seat! He had the nerve to do it but didn't even have the gall tell me himself.  This makes me suspect it was a ridiculously pathetic attempt to get on Gael's cool side.  Well, I had no qualms telling both of them that sitting in the front seat at his age is NOT cool but absolutely STUPID.  Car seats may not be the law in the Philippines but we do have the craziest drivers in the world. 

And really, of all the rules to break???  He could have just fed the kid a pork chop.  From Jollibee even.