13 April 2012

Penguin Birthday

It was Aiden's 5th birthday Aprill 11th and he had a small get together to celebrate.  No, not small more like an exclusive select get together.  You almost needed a VIP card to get in.  We're not the sort of family that does big crazy parties with booths, balloon pillars or annoying hosts that take over the occasion.  No, I'm too cheap to spend on something like that.  I guess I must have brainwashed the earthlings to think the same because Aiden only invited a grand total of 7 adults, 6 kids (one being his brother) and 1 baby (only because the baby's mom is the love of his life, actually one of the adults is the husband of the love of his life so his invitation was by default).  He was so excited he wanted to decorate the house at the last minute.  When guests arrived he took his hosting to heart ushering guests inside, offering them snacks and introducing them to his fluffy friends who apparently were invited to the party as well.

When Aiden wanted to do some decorating an hour before guests were scheduled to arrive this was the easiest thing I could think off.  Not too bad if I must say so myself.  There is some good to all this time I spend on Pinterest after all.  Ok, ok that last sentence was a lame attempt at getting you to follow my Pins.  Lame and shameless, how very me.  

As you know Aiden is penguin obsessed.  His current favorite penguin is Ramon from Happy Feet 2.  He loves Ramon so much we recently bought a doll sweater for his penguin Rafael so he could be just like Ramon.  Cat of Kraze Kitch Bakeshop did coolest three dimensional cake ever.  I'm not a fan of fondant cakes, I prefer the yummy royal or boiled icing but I'm so glad Cat convinced me to do a fondant cake for the penguin.  Aiden was beyond thrilled!

Edited to add that this penguin in a sweater Aiden loves is Lovelace and not Ramon.  Thanks to Cym for letting me know!  It was a perfect excuse for him to watch the movie again. 

In case you were wondering what's up with the weird head feathers and fins, Cat let Aiden put them in himself.    And well ... I'm just glad he didn't stick the feathers on the butt or stab Ramon's webbed feet with a fin.

Happy birthday Aiden! Life would be so boring without you!