07 May 2012

At Kidzville

Michelle of My Mom Friday organized the best playdate a few weeks ago.  Foot spa for the moms while our kids played the entire afternoon at Kidzville, Podium.  The earthlings absolutely love these indoor play areas and wish I went to the mall everyday so I can leave them there while I shop.  So do I, kids. So do I.

Gael found Plants Vs. Zombies on the computer and we never saw him till it was time to go.

Aiden was thrilled to have found Wilbur of Charlotte's Web.

He went to grocery and filled his cart.

Then ran over and fed Wilbur.

He saw this Beetle he could ride and forgot about poor Wilbur.

Fulfilling his dream of riding a school bus.

A miracle!  Playing with new friends.  This was right before he went wild on adrenalin.

The aftermath.

Thank you Michelle and Kidzville!