09 May 2012

Even When Not At The Movies

The Avengers couldn't show fast enough for Gael.  He asked me everyday for months if it was finally show.  He was so hyped up about these heroes I got excited at the thought of seeing Robert Downey Jr. on the big screen again.  *Swoon*  We planned to watch it the weekend it came out but of course Aiden wasn't having any of it.  He didn't want to watch heroes and he only watches cartoons.  So I told him that was too bad and I wish he would come but he could hang out with his favorite grand aunt if he really didn't feel like it.  In my head I was thinking YES! I don't have sit through a movie with Aiden on my lap covering his ears, leaving me to feed him popcorn while his head covers half the screen.  AND I won't have to go through the endless questions of this little cinephile.

Of course I was totally wrong.  I really should have know better, it is Aiden we are talking about after all.  That very same evening at dinner he gives me  the drill on my thoughts of the movie.  In his own way.

Aiden:  Mama, what was your favorite part of the movie?

Me:  When Iron Man lands on his building and his machine removes his costume.  *Swoon*

Aiden:  What is your second favorite part of the movie?

Me:  When The Hulk takes on Loki.

Aiden:  What is your third favorite part of the movie?

This goes on to the fifth favorite part.  Then he moves on and proceeds to ask Gael the very same questions except that Gael is smarter than I am and knows how to kill the conversation before it even starts.

Aiden:  Gael, what was your favorite part of the movie?


It isn't over though.  Oh no, it's far from over.  After every movie we watch Aiden never fails to start off the post movie review with the top 5.  He continues his his discussion with a whole other perspective.  If there is a top 5 then there has got to be a bottom 5.  At this point I actually have seriously think and grasp for memorable but horrible moments to share with Aiden.  Come on, who naturally thinks of the 5 worse parts of a movie?  I mean the worst is the worst, why would you even bother with the fifth worse or even the second worse? 

This can go on for days, weeks, months even.  The same damn questions over and over again.