17 May 2012

The Return Of The Rag Doll

When I was little I absolutely loved Raggedy Ann.  One Christmas I got the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls and I thought I was the luckiest little girl in the whole world.  They were my cuddly friends that played house house with me, they slept in a small crib in my room and they were so light I could take them anywhere.  My family moved to Bacolod City in 1981.  The summer before we left my mom had a huge garage sale before packing up the house.  Well, can you guess who she sold in the garage sale? My Raggedy twins! No warning, no asking, no explanations.  Raggedy Ann and Andy were sold for probably 25 centavos.  Or less.

A few months ago Amina introduces me to Anthill Fabric Gallery.  She thought they would be a great addition to the Mothering Earthlings shop and she was absolutely right. Anthill celebrates the Filipino artisan and create the most beautiful indigenous fabrics.  They also make the lovely Isabel Rag Doll.  This doll is one of a kind, no two dolls are alike.  Scraps and remnants of fabric are put together to give life to Isabel.  I am so tempted to get one for myself and take her everywhere with me to make up for my lost time with Raggedy Ann and Andy.  Especially to Mama's house! I'll have her sit at the table during meals just to rub it in.  Yes Mama, 30 years later and I'm still not over it.