12 June 2012

Football Tournaments

I so understand stage moms now that I have kids.  Although it is sports (for now, Aiden might just make me a real stage mom) that we are involved in I am sure it is the same feeling of pride and the same amount of unnecessary coaching done.  Here is a summarized version of what happens on Gael's football tournament days.

This is what needs to be prepared in time for a 7 a.m. ETD and how the set up looks after unpacking.

We spend a lot of time taking refuge from the sun while we wait for the next game.

There is a lot discipline and team work by these young kids.  After 5-8 hours in the scorching sun, I can only hope there is a medal for them to take home.

For the soccer mom, I get to take home the biggest smile in the whole universe or the frustration of a defeated little boy.  That and the most horrible, unsexy tan lines one can ever get.  No filters in the first one.  I swear!