19 September 2012

Obsessions Start Early

I was looking for a really old picture in my files.  A picture from the days you used film in your cameras and had to wait to develop the film to see the pictures.  Shut up if you have never seen a roll of film in your life.  Shut up and don't even think about leaving a comment.  I have no idea where that picture is but I found this video of Aiden when he was 6 months old.  You will never believe what he was playing with.  There were at least 3 videos of him playing with this one toy.  THREE!!! That was a toy given to Gael when he was born by a neighbor.  We live no where near this neighbor but if I ever saw him again I would tell him this: Thanks.  Thanks for giving my already out of the box child some strange animal to get obsessed about.  Do you realize how few penguin toys, dolls, board games, cartoons, t-shirts there are out there??????  Do you understand how complicated you have made my life on his birthday and Christmas?????  DO YOU????