08 October 2012

Monday Blues

At breakfast Aiden was horrified that the weekend was already over.  When I told him it was Monday his smile disappeared, his face fell and his shoulders drooped in resignation.  Man, I sure know that feeling.  You have such a great weekend - a party with friends, a fun afternoon with the family, you went somewhere new, you went to bed late and slept in.  Plus chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, dessert at every meal and major carbo loading.  Then before you know it Monday creeps in, it is a total bummer and you are whipped back into daily grind. 

Just as I was in on the sulking party Aiden broke through his gloom.

Aiden:  I have an idea!

Me:  What is it?

Aiden:  We should exchange weekends and weekdays so the weekend is longer than weekdays and I will be happier.

This child is a genius, at five he has found the key to happiness.