28 November 2012

And I Thought He Was A Genius

So here I am thinking that Aiden is such a smart and clever child and it turns out the guy is actually an excellent mimic.  He can repeat full dialogues from his favorite cartoon episodes complete with hand gestures, facial expressions and even the very Nickolodean/Disney/Cartoon Network American twang.  He can hear extremely mature words inappropriate for a 5 year old and throw them back at you in the right context when you least expect it.  Before you go wagging your finger at me, I do NOT mean the profanity that you usually hear me use.  I actually mean sweeping statements that are so loaded they could crush your heart.  Like that one time he told Paco that Paco was ruining his life because we insisted he take a shower before a wedding.  Or that other time I banned him from using the iPad for a whole Saturday afternoon after he slapped his brother and with dagger looks he calls me the worst mom in the world.  Strangely enough there have been a few times he uses the labeling, name calling and verbal abuse on himself.  When he calms down he actually realizes how hurtful he has been, he is quick to apologize and call himself a jerk.

I've mentioned before that Aiden is not a big Halloween fan.  He is a self proclaimed Halloween Grinch.  This year he surprised me by joining the trick or treat and genuinely enjoyed it.  At art class he also made a High Five Ghosts painting just for Halloween.  Well surprise, surprise, the high five ghost is not a creation of his.  High Five Ghost is a character from one of his favorite cartoons, Regular Show, and he looks exactly like Aiden's painting.  You can see the original High Five Ghost here and see for yourself.

Last month my sister was in town and we all went to my mom's place for dinner one night.  Aiden insisted on bring his toy keyboard and reasoned that it was a magical keyboard and he HAD to bring it.  How could I possibly argue with a magical piano? On the way he pretends to play the piano and sings the strangest song about sending things and people to the moon.  It started by sending a bunch of baby ducks to sending his brother and then we all joined in and sent everyone and everything we don't like to the moon.  A few days ago I was watching the Regular show with them, palm slapping my forehead every time High Five Ghost came out, and Cartoon Network shows a short teaser of other episodes.  My jaw dropped when I saw this.