12 November 2012


On a vacation in 2004 Paco and I spent a week in Bangkok.  That was the year of my conception madness.  I was hell bent on getting pregnant but it seemed my ovaries had plans of their own, they were as stubborn as I am and refused to ovulate.  By that time I had spent two years convincing Paco having kids was a sane idea, 3 months off the pill trying to get pregnant on the sly, 8 months charting my nonexistent cycle and 6 months taking my basal temperature.  That isn't even mentioning the list of tests we had to go through.  It took me a year to get pregnant and, in hindsight, it isn't really that long but it felt like an eternity then.  So on this trip to Bangkok I visited all the Buddhas, temples and shrines I could manage to fit in a week without Paco killing me and pleaded for a child.  As it turns out Paco didn't get the memo and only prayed for a baby at one shrine.  ONE!  Only at the Erawan Shrine, the luckiest one he claims.  I guess he was right because it evidently worked.

A few weeks ago I was at Bangkok again and there were only two things on my agenda - give thanks at Erawan and shop at H&M.  It was obviously extremely lucky for me on my first visit, so I decided to ask for something again.  This time my intentions were far from noble - success and money.  Well I do need a home for the children I was blessed with, right? Later at lunch I realized that I was such an idiot and paid 2,000 Baht for the flowers, candles and incense offerings instead of 200 Baht.  That is over 2,500 Pesos!!!  So I was shallow and lame and Erawan seemed to be telling me so.  That and the fact that Paco is really the lucky one in this relationship.