10 December 2012

Kate Diaper Bag

Picking a diaper bag can be as life changing as having the actual baby.  There is so much to consider I remember Paco and I having fights over which was the perfect one.  It had to comply with all the requisites.  One it had to be big enough to fit a portable nursery, we all know that the day you downsize your diaper bag is the day your baby gets diarrhea and you end up at least one diaper short.  Two, it had to have the right straps that wouldn't give us a shoulder and back ache or in any way would it emasculate the father of the child.  Three it had to fit on the stroller handles.  After all a stroller carries your diaper bag even more than it carries a baby.  Last but certainly not the least it had to be cool.  No sissy ass prints for us hipster wannabes.  

I would have fallen in love with Nursingmom's chic bags that look nothing like diaper bags.  The prints are so lovely I want to ask head honcho Bessie to give me the scraps to make a dress.  I am especially drooling of the Purple Jungle print in the second picture below.  Mothering Earthlings has had the Amara bags for a couple of years, now the Kate Overnight Diaper Bag is finally available at the shop.