09 January 2013

Look It's About Me

The earthlings got the coolest gifts this Christmas but my favorite ones by far are the Look It's About Me books.    My friend Tati sent each of them a book where they were the heroes who went on an incredible adventure.  A story with them as the protagonists made them feel like they were literary rock stars in the league of Geronimo Stilton, The Cat In The Hat, Elephant and Piggie.  Throughout the book there are little personalized details that thrill them to bits such as Gael's name on the spaceship or cookies that spell Aiden.  Bedtime is usually a riot with the boys jumping on their beds and throwing their stuffed dolls around on their second wind of craziness.  Never have they been so still at story time as they are when we read THEIR books.  Books are a magical world for them but when the book is all about them then they are crowned kings of that magical place. 

We read these books everyday for weeks and each time they made the boys squeal with delight.   They proudly showed the books to their friends, classmates, cousins and wondered if anyone else bought their book at the bookstore.  It was too bad I had already finished Christmas shopping when I found these books but I now know what I'm getting all my nieces and nephews on their birthdays!  In our house toys are only given on birthdays and Christmas but there is absolutely no limit when it comes to good books.  The Look It's About Me books are so unique and special that I want to surprise them with one of every edition.  Hey I wouldn't even mind one fore myself.  If only they made a version for moms with Brad Pitt as the happy ending.  Rone and Brad's Bora Bora Adveture sounds like fun to me.  

You can preview the books on their website and while you're at it you can check out their Facebook page.  They are earthling approved, satisfaction is guaranteed!