20 January 2013

My Partner In Crime

Paco and I take turns going on one on one dates with the earthlings. We want them to feel like they are the shiz every now and then.  In our school of not-exactly-good-parenting we want them to suspect they are more important and more deserving than the other guy.  Or to at least get the chance to do something they really want to do without having to consider what the brother wants or doesn't want to do.  These two are yin and yang after all, so if it doesn't involve madness equal to that of the payday weekend Mega Sale at Megamall or eating shit loads of chocolate that will give the most epic sugar crash or running to the biggest toy store to buy them anything they want, they rarely ever want to do the same thing.  I'd like to think it is also a chance for me and Paco to compete in the funnest, best planned and perfectly executed date.  Actually the boys are so sick and tired of me they always fight over who gets to go on a date with Daddy.  But for the record I ALWAYS have the best ideas.  Always.

Gael and I were trying to figure out what to do on our turn to go on a date the other day.

Me: Let's think of something fun to do for tomorrow. It's our date tomorrow.

Gael: Fun Ranch?

Me: Nah!

Gael: Kidsville!

Me: Nah, I want to do something together, something we both enjoy.

Gael: Clothes Shopping!

He really does know the way to my heart.