20 February 2013

Pinto Art Gallery

Aiden is into art.  He attends a weekly painting class and considers himself an artist.  So much so that he wants to start selling his paintings.  He tried to sell one of his paintings at 5 centavos even if he was offered 100 on the condition that he sign it.  Note to self:  enroll him in a crash course of costing and profit and loss over the summer.  I took him to Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo to show him how exactly art is sold.  Aside from being impressed by the art that was so modern and cool, he was also kinda freaked out.  There was barely anyone there that hot Saturday afternoon and he found the rustling of the trees in the wind bringing out the creepy side of his imagination.  What's that sound, mama?  Poor city kid.  His favorite was the hundreds of rats taking over the UST building.