06 February 2013

This Is Lame

Sometimes the burden of being five is just too much to bear.  You have to go to school everyday.  Even if school is really all about playing and eating snacks, it is still school.  There is bed time every night even if that means missing the replay of your favorite TV show.  Eating chocolates and cookies all day long is never an option even if your parents sometimes sneak into the kitchen and have some chocolate before going to bed.  You are told when to get out of your pajamas, when to eat, when to bathe, when to brush your teeth, when you are leaving the house, when you have to stay in your room, when you have to share your toys, when you cannot touch the iPad.  Let's face it you are told when to do everything and there is nothing you can do without having to ask permission.  At least everything that is lame and nothing that is fun.  Anything else to add, Aiden?