02 April 2013

A Dr. Seuss Shower

I've always wanted to throw a Dr. Seuss birthday party but the earthlings are so damn uncooperative.  Now I know that people throw big first birthday parties for their kids just so they can throw the party of their dreams.  I finally got my way for my sister-in-law's baby shower.  It was hard to top the  Iron Chef shower we threw her when she got married and so I didn't even try.  I am more of the anti-Martha and am not a great party planner.  But I am too cheap to hire a professional one so I had to resort to the only thing better than Martha - Google and Pinterst. 

The gorgeous cake from my favorite baker Cats del Rosario of Tazzy Cakes and Kraze Kitch Bakeshop.  It was so perfect I almost didn't want to eat it.

Cupcakes are also from Tazzy Cakes.

Who doesn't love a candy bar? The fun candy cups are from Paper Chic Studio

I don't know what I was smoking but for some strange reason I decided to have games at the party.  I made them all Dr. Seuss inspired and thought it would be fun.  The first game, Fox In Sox, was fun.

But the Guess the Dr. Suess rhyme turned out to be harder than an IQ test for the guests and they cheated by Googling the answers or asking the kids to help them out.  Those were the guests from my side of the family.  Then I forgot to give out the prizes for the Horton's Egg Nesting game after everyone guarded their egg till they went home.  

I had a couple of earthlings to help me out.  One was more helpful than the other.  Can you guess who?

What's a shower without a Mothering Earthlings registry?