09 July 2013

When Googling Gets You In Trouble

I didn't grow up in a very typical family.  We are all off center, each one of us, in our own way.  It was fun, sometimes crazy and we never really felt the need to conform to everyone else.  I always hoped to have fun and crazy kids of my own because I was young and stupid and should have just asked for the nerdy kid that sat quietly and did his homework everyday.  As it turns out there is a God because when I asked, he gave.  And did he!  He answered my prayers with the most out of the box child I could ever imagine raising.  This boy has the most insane  ideas for everything that I have ever heard.  This 6 year leaves me with my jaw on the floor with his quick wit and amazing sense of humor.  This youngest son of mine drives me up the wall by pushing all the right buttons. 

All summer long Aiden was obssessed with sea creatures.  All he ever did was talk about them day and night, night and day.  He drove his brother mad and Gael would pull his hair out every time Aiden would open his mouth about the mimic octupus or the whatever it was that was lurking in the midnight zone.  He spoke of dozens of animals I never even knew existed.  One such animal was the huma huma nuka nuka apua a, he mentioned  it over and over.  Like the good mother that I am I bit my tongue and pretended not to notice that this particular animal lived in Aiden's world or was the Aidenish version of some regular sea creature.  And yes, there is such a place as Aiden's world and they do speak in Aidenish over there.  Only the imaginative are invited to visit and no one is allowed to stay long.

But one day Aiden wasn't satisfied with just talking about it, he wanted to Google the huma huma nuka nuka apua a and I had to invent all sorts of excuses so as to not crush his heart when it dawns on him that it was all a figment of his imagination.  I manage to evade the Googling for days and he finally seems to forget about it.  Until he decided to ask Paco to Google it for him.  Paco obviously did not get the memo, whips out his phone and proceeds to search for this made up creature no matter how hard I try to get his attention.  As I brace myself for a horrible meltdown of a magnitude 9, Aiden squeals with delight.  As it turns out I am no longer young but I am still stupid because there apparently is such a thing as a huma huma nuka nuka apua a.