07 September 2013

And The Winner Is

One day Gael was so beyond excited to introduced a new game he learned in school for us to play at home.  He said the the game is Would You Rather.  The name freaked me out and made me dread for the worse.  It sounded like those soiree games I played when I was thirteen where  the sole objective of the games was for the boys to win a kiss or a phone number.  Or even worse one of those drinking games where the would you rather choices would be something like would you rather go skinny dipping by yourself in front of all of us for 5 minutes or have us violently shake your head after 5 shots of tequila.  

But I have more faith in my son than in my own filthy, alcohol ridden thoughts filled with sexual undertones.  The game it turns out is appropriately juvenile with a tendency to veer into toilet humor.  It goes more along the lines of would you rather be a foot or a toe, would you rather eat catsup or mustard,  would you rather be a mosquito or a fly.  Then Aiden, who is more of a rule breaker than a game player, decides he likes the game and comes up with the craziest and most disturbing idea of all.  Of course.  Did anyone ever doubt that he would?

Would you rather be a butt or a piece of poopoo.

I dread to think about them playing this game in ten years time when karma dictates they will worry me sick with their tequila consumption and broken curfews.  Without any shadow of a doubt this guy will be exceptional at this game in ten years time.