17 September 2013


Conversations with our resident six year old, Aiden, can go anywhere from hilarious and absurd to disgusting and vile to sweet and charming. Sometimes the conversations can get awkward with questions and statements that are most likely polluted by my own dirty adult thoughts.

One morning everyone was in a good mood.  There was no school, I didn't have to drag their asses out of bed and they could play Wii in their pajamas before breakfast.  At breakfast everyone was beaming with good spirits, Gael was telling us some jokes, Aiden wasn't whining about his food and there were no arguments or fights.  There were smiles and laughs and I even managed to have breakfast without feelings of exasperation, remorse or I need a vacation far, far away from the spawns.  Then I realized that something was missing.

Me:  Where is daddy?

Gael: He is missing out on all the fun!

Aiden: Mama, did you sleep with him last night?