12 September 2013

The Daily Grind

Gael and Aiden couldn't be any more different.  They are yin and yang after all.  I know I say this often but is there any better description of the two?  Instead of feeding of each other's strengths and finding a balance, they bask in their superiority and ridicule the other's weaknesses.  Of late Aiden has been extremely frustrated by Gael's speediness and his lack of it.  Gael can do pretty much anything and everything in 75 seconds flat.  Meanwhile in Aiden's world things are more laid back, there are many breaks to daydream and a great majority of the time is spent mapping out plans of art, construction, jokes, stories, Minecraft worlds or mischief in his head.

Getting ready in the mornings has been a particular sore spot for Aiden.  No matter how hard he tries Gael can wake up, eat breakfast, brush his teeth and get dressed before Aiden has even had the chance to sit at the dinning table.  Despite his best efforts, he feels defeated to be the last one in his school uniform every morning, ergo the last one that gets to pick what cartoon to watch before leaving.  Yes, that is the carrot I dangle in front of them every single morning.  You naysayers can judge all you want but it works perfectly for us.  Just to even things out I wake Aiden up an hour before we leave so he can eat his breakfast in peace and free of stress.  I get Gael up half an hour later and Aiden can only hope that he didn't waste any time whining about is cereal not being soggy enough for his consumption.  Head start and all there are days that Gael still wins the morning race.

There are also those rare days that Gael gets up early on his own.  On these day when I do wake Aiden up he is absolutely crushed to see an empty bed next to him.  This morning was one of those days and he was devastated.

Aiden:  Why can't I be the fast one?

Me:  You wouldn't be you if you were different.    

Aiden:  I wish Gael were slow and I was fast!

Me:  Slow is not always a bad thing, Aiden, it can be a good thing.

Aiden:  How?

Me:  There are some things that are better done slowly and deliberately rather than hurried.

Aiden:  Like a flower blooming?