30 January 2014

Bali & The Monkey's Butt

We spend the holidays last year in Bali. It was the perfect island for us lazy beach bums. There were so many things to see, restaurants to eat in, shops to go broke in, Bintangs to drink at sunset and loungers to nap in. Aside from building sand castles at the beach the boys had two contributions to our itinerary that they saw while we were watching America's Next Top Model some travel show on cable. The first was the Monkey Forest and the Elephant Safari Park in Ubud. So we went and saw and did the touristy things. After this picture was taken at the Monkey Forest Aiden bursts with what I feel will be an exclamation of gratitude for our adventure of the day. Instead he asks me with an introspective look that rivals Anderson Cooper's on a 360 heartwarming episode "So, do I smell like monkey butt?"