22 July 2015

Pamilacan Island, Bohol

Last September (yes, this post is 10 months late!) we took the boys snorkeling for the first time. It was epic. Aiden who is a sea creature geek got to tell us the name of pretty much every creature we saw. Gael has demoted me to the weaker swimmer in the family and took to free diving like a local fisherman. We saw sea urchins, a puffer fish, a sea turtle, brain corals and they went on and on about it for weeks.  

Pamilacan Island is unexploited, a rare find in any popular beach destination.  Don't miss it when in Bohol for the dolphin and whale watching, and it's crystal clear waters for snorkeling. I am not a morning person but it was well worth the 4:30am wake up call. It's fish and coral sanctuaries are cared for and protected by the locals. A milestone as the residents used to be whale hunters but have since been educated and have taken to the island tours as their new livelihood.

Tel. No. +63 38 5409279 
Mobile & Text Phone +63 919 7306108 
E-mail: pamilacan@yahoo.com