01 October 2015

Siama Hotel Sorsogon

I have to admit I get stressed out on vacations with no itinerary. I have to read up on what to do, where to eat, what to see, where to go. I even like to schedule when to do what. Unlike my husband, I do not consider sitting at a cafe all afternoon something to put on my travel agenda and I absolutely hate it when the kids sit around the hotel room watching TV. This short trip we took to Sorsogon was the exact opposite of how we usually travel. It was all about chilling out and I was already worried about being bored out of my wits or the kids getting my mom to let them use her ipad all afternoon. But with three senior citizens with us there was no way to go swimming with the whale sharks in Donsol or surfing at Gubat. The travel gods were goo to me though and we lucked out on our hotel. Siama Hotel, designed by Milo Suarez, was so gorgeous I didn't mind just hanging out all day. The food was excellent - local cuisine served family style. Service was highly personalized and exceptional. We did a lunch at one of the restaurants in town and a short trip to the beach though. I couldn't help myself.

Hotel Siama
Sitio San Loranze, Bibincahan
Sorsogon City, Philippines