26 November 2015

20 Best Handmade Toys to Gift

With the amount of gifts children get over the holidays one would think that a big multinational sent a huge truck to our homes and dumped a container full of random, plastic and mostly useless toys. Toys whose fates will be nothing more than to sit on a shelf, unwrapped and ignored for the rest of their existence. Toys that will have a better chance of being played with when donated to a child in need.

Give a gift that comes from the heart. A seemingly simple play thing that will spark their imagination is something that will entertain them for hours. A product that was skillfully hand stitched by local artisans supports a community and it's livelihood. A toy made of up-cycled scraps and remnants will not only entertain a child it will teach them social responsibility. This Christmas give a gift that matters.

20 Handmade Toys To Gift